Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Brother is Watching

In my line of work, I always assume people are monitoring me, but I think the general public should stop getting their panties in a bunch. Do you realize how many people use text messaging to communicate? Now how many people do you actually think are out there who can actually gather and exploit those signals? And really, does anyone care if you're texting your Hubs to pick up dinner? People are so damn paranoid. No one cares! The people who have those capabilities are not interested in what you and your friends did last night. What do you all think?

We are still in the process of taking over Casa De-I. We've already taken over the tv. Poor Mums, I think if she hears the intro to Blue's Clue's one more time, she might go postal. We did finally find a house and have a move-in date set for Feb 10, yay! The house is a four bedroom, so we'll finally have some space. The kids will have their own bathroom (double yay!), and it has a very nice sized, provate backyard with a play area and a decent size pool (is triple yay pushing it a little too far?). It is also about 3 blocks from C's new school (we made sure to be in the best school district, so she is going to public school), unfortunately one of the blocks crosses a major street, so we can't let her walk on her own. Also, the school day is a little funky here. It starts at 9 and ends at 3:30. The YMCA offers before and after care for a mere $64/week (and, if you could tell, I'm being sarcastic there). $64 a week! That's more than I was paying in LA for her. So all the money I'm saving on daycare for the other two is now going to go to daycare for C. *sigh* Oh, and still no sign of child support (I filed in November when I dropped my paperwork to get out). On the great news side, Hubs found a job! It's a small star-up company with lots of potential for growth, so we're excited about where the future will take us :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

You Need to Blog

Or so said the venerable De-I this evening. And so I blog ;) We are alive and well and settling in as best we can considering we still don't have a home to call our own. We are staying with my fabulous parents (who are weathering the storm with as good a humor as possible), and we think we may have found a home but I don't want to jinx anything so I won't post about it until we have a contract in hand. I have already started at work, and I have to say that its a little weird to be working as a contractor since it was only a week ago that I was still on active duty! The mindset is very different and it will take some adjusting to. The good news is that I think I'm going to really like my job. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to be doing out here, and I had prepared myself for the worst, so I am very pleased with the way things are going. Hubs is job hunting, and it seems to be going very well. Albuquerque has a distinct lack of people with both experience and drive and business acumen, so I think Hubs will be in real demand. The two little ones have started day care. After all my issues with BS, I chose to put them in a baby mill rather than a home daycare. I thought it would be better for them to be around children their own age and for J to be part of a preschool program. This particular center also has its own indoor pool and when J turns 3 she will start taking lessons as part of the daily program. C is still out of school since we don't have a permanent address yet, but Hubs has been printing off homeschool work for her so that she doesn't fall behind. Cross your fingers for us to have a home soon so that she can go to school! A is crawling all over the place and he can pull himself to standing now. Between him and J, one of my kids is constantly somewhere they shouldn't be ;)
So that's the news for now. Sorry it's so short, but I am just exhausted.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

On Our Way

Thanks for all the nice coments about my hair. I totally love it. I think maybe I look a little nervous in the pictures because the scene going on around me was something like this:

C: Mom, what are you doing?
J: What you doing, Mama? Mama! Mama! Mama, what you doing!
A: *crawling from the living room into the kitchen with his trademark low crawl* Waaaaaah! *thunk*
C: Mom, are you taking a picture? Can I be in it?
J: Maaaaamaaaaa! What you doing, Mama??!! Me picture!! Me picture, too!!!
A: Waaaaaah! *thunk*
C: Are you going to post it on your blog? Can it be a funny picture with me giving Jocelyn bunny ears?
J: Meeeee picture! Mamamamamamamama!!!!
A: Waaaaaah! *thunk*

Anyway, the movers are here. My final out is tomorrow morning and we check out of the house tomorrow afternoon, and then we're on the road! I can't believe the day is finally here, but we are so excited to be moving onto the next chapter in our lives. We'll have internet access at my parents, so it won't be like it usually is when we move and are incognito for months at a time. See you in Albuquerque! :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008


It is so crazy to think that we are moving in just a week. It hasn't really sunk in yet! So I decided that in the spirit of change, I was going to do something drastic.

What do you think!!??

I so wish Hubs had done this when A was born ;)

December Pics

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Only a week in advance, but still...we have orders! It's official folks, I will be released from active duty as of next Friday and we will be on the road to our new life in New Mexico. We're excited, anxious, nervous, trepiditious, etc, etc... We also have our home 'puter back, so I am planning to download all our pictures tonight and will start posting some seriously cute kids as soon as possible. C also had her 9th birthday on the 31st, but we celebrated on the 28th with her very first slumber party. Let's just say my brilliant idea of having the kids build their own cupcakes and letting them eat as many as they wanted so I wouldn't have any leftovers didn't seem all that smart at 11pm ;) The kids had a great time, though. All of C's friends were quite enamoured with J and she spent the entire night partying away with the big kids, rockin' out to Hannah Montana and watching C's new High School Musical DVD (gifted from the g-parents). Pics to come soon...