Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A++ You Knocked It Outta The Park

Or so I was told by my gov't overlords following my Very Important Briefing (VIB) today. Next up, six dozen more VIBs! Never time for a breather *sigh* (but at least I don't have to worry about trying to find another job, lol!).

Hubs is off to LA on Friday, so it'll just be me and the kidz for a few days. Looking forward to quality hooping time (hula, that is) with the Goose (J). A will have to live without his Mario for a few days since I don't play (I've never seen a kid more interested in watching Daddy play video games over watching tv, go figure!). C will, alas, be on punishment since she "lost" her report card. The great irony is that the one class she did poorly in was religion, and I could have cared less about that particular grade (what can I say, we send them to Catholic school but I'm not Catholic). But now she's in trouble b/c she "lost" her report card (mysteriously not losing any other bit of paperwork) and then hid it from us. Loving the pre-teen years!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Haven't Posted in Forever

Rest assured I am being kept very busy with work stuffish. Also find time to attend events like these:

Hopefully you all are slightly less busy than I. I am hoping for a reprieve sometime in the near future, but it is not looking to be shaping up that way as the summer is already starting to fill up with various work stuffs. I am looking forward to our mini-vacay over Memorial Day when my 'rents and big sis and fam come for a visit. We'll be a full but happy home! Can't wait to see all the cousins together. J is very, very excited to see her cousin Y again (they are only about 6 mos apart). We also pln to celebrate A's 3rd b-day when everyone is here (mainly as an excuse to get my mom to bake us a cake, lol!) Promise I'll make a longer post at some point this weekend when the Hubs is out of town gallivanting about with his friends in LA. Mwah!