Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feeling Sorry for Myself

Work continues to suck all the life out of me *sigh* In some ways I love what I do, and I think I am pretty damn good at it (my boss told me that I am too talented to be working at our place of business, lol...either that means he really thinks I'm talented, or he is angling to make me more loyal, either way it worked, hah!). Our customer, however, is exceedingly difficult and just sucks all of the joy out of my day to day life. I wish I could just put it aside when I get home, but I can't help it. It keeps me awake at night knowing all of the help we could be providing that is just being thrown away by a group of very petty and selfish individuals who have no idea what they're doing. This place is the epitome of fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer money, and it makes me sick to my stomach whenever I think about it. On top of all that, to make up for their incompetence, I (and my team) end up workng long hours to meet unrealistic expectations, so I have very little time away from this toxic environment.

On the plus side, I live in a freaking paradise. Of course, this means that everyone else wants to come and visit paradise, and now I have to fight them all to get home. I fucking hate Spring Break.*

Recently Heard:

C: Mom, I need to use some of the carbon pernoxide.
Me: What?
C: The carbon pernoxide for my ears*
Me: You mean the hydrogen peroxide?
C: Yeah, that. Whatever, I'm not good with chemical stuff.
Me: Then I guess you won't be building a meth lab any time soon.
C: *stares witheringly** You're not funny, Mom.

J: *coughs weakly* I lost my wait, I found it under the table.

*Wah, wah, waaaah - I'm such a Debbie Downer lately!
**recently pierced

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not Dead, I Swear

I might feel like it, but I don't think I am actually dead. Work has just been overwhelming, then we had the munchkin invasion, and we're in the midst of C's softball season, which means at least two long games a week. So, anyway, not much time to write. I can share one interesting little conversation I had with the goose while watching C's long and painful softball tonight (they only lost by 20 this time!) who is clearly being influenced by her school:

J: Mama, I'm going to be a baptized.
Me: Oh?
J: Yes, just like you and Daddy.
Me: Well, I was never baptized.
J: *arches brow and stares at me seriously* Yes, you were. At the ice cream store.
Me: I don't think people get baptized at ice cream stores.
J: Well, I do. I'm going to get my baptized and then eat some ice cream.
Me: I'm pretty sure you have to get baptized in a church.
J: Oh, I have a church at my school. It has the baby Jesus and he's being held by the Daddy Jesus.
Me: Really?
J: Yes. And the Daddy Jesus is next to the Mommy Jesus who's name is Mary. Mary is Jesus's cousin. Like my cousin Y.
Me: I don't think you have that quite right
J: Yes, Mary is the cousin and the mommy. She is very importantant. Like Haiti.
Me: Like what?
J: Like Haiti. Haiti had an earthquake and now she has no mommy and no daddy, so we need to give her money.
Me: I'm not following.
J: *indignantly* Haiti got hurt and everyone is giving her money, so give me some money so I can help Haiti!
Me: I don't think Haiti is a her.
Me: How can a person have an earthquake?
J: People can have earthquakes. That's how they lose their mommies and daddies. It is sad and then you give them money. That's how it works.
Me; Fair enough, here's a quarter.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


The only word I can think of that sums up the suckage of getting a root canal...which I got today.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Heard Recently on the Corner

"How did I know that? I turned on my mind and it told my brain all kinds of things. Now I'm the smartest."

"I'm hungry, Mama. I wish I could build a robot. Then the robot cound make me snacks."

"Mama, I have the bestest surprise for you. *shrieks at the top her lungs* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Isn't that a great surprise?"

T: Come here and give Daddy a kiss.
J: *does not look up from playing* No, I'm sorry. I'm all out of kisses right now. You should try again later.