Sunday, June 08, 2014

All Things Foreign Service

Useful Links

Yahoo Groups
FS Parents
FS Special Needs
FS Homeschool

Facebook Groups
Trailing Houses
FSO Moms
We Run the World
Balancing Act @ State
FS Borrow - Barter - Sell
DOS Med Clearance

Life After Jerusalem
Email From the Embassy
Consul at Arms II

Resources & References
Table of Posts - Tool to help compare wages at different posts abroad
Tales From a Small Planet - Real Post Reports
Foreign Service Institute (FSI)
Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM)
Foreign Affairs Handbooks (FAH)
Family Liaison Office (FLO)
Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)

FS - Foreign Service
FSO - Foreign Service Officer
FSS - Foreign Service Specialist
EFM - Eligible Family Member
FSOT - Foreign Service Officer Test
FSOA - Foreign Service Oral Assessment
PNQ - Personal Narrative Questions
ACS - American Citizen Services
IV - Immigrant Visa
NIV - Non-Immigrant Visa
MED - Medical Unit
RMO - Regional Medical Officer

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