Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Broke Ass Pup

So, we got a dog. Husband and small Pu's have been begging for one for quite a while, but I have resisted mainly because I was wary of the great effort a puppy requires. I didn't even want to cat to begin with (he has grown on me). With five children, a husband, two jobs, and school, I just felt that taking care of a new puppy would be too much to take on. Husband was adamant that now was the perfect time since he is home full-time and would have the time to train the dog properly. Also he missed out on having pet as a child and really wants to give our children the benefit of having a dog through their formative years (and J is a huuuuuge dog lover). Thus the dog came to be. As with all new toys that come into the Pu household, the kids promptly broke it (no, seriously). So the dog that I didn't want has now come into being, cost me several thousand dollars in hospital/vet bills, and now must be carried around everywhere since he's supposed to stay off the leg. He is lucky he is so fucking cute. Seriously fucking cute.

Dog Before

Dog After

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hunkering Down

This is absolutely crazy. Irene has totally freaked out the East Coast. New York shut down its subway system for the 1st time in history in anticipation of the storm. She is just a bit south of us now and moving quickly, so I expect we'll be out of power for a couple of days based on what the news reports are saying. We've got our water, flashlights, extra food, everything is charged, etc. etc. I find it amusing that we went storm free in FL, and now that we've moved to VA we're about to get hammered, lol. Hopefully this is all for naught and all we'll get are some heavy rains. I guess we'll find out soon!

ETA: Just some strong winds and lots of rain for us. We didn't even lose cable satellite, much less power. A little anti-climatic after all the news coverage!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Having lived through earthquakes in Japan and Cali, we were unfazed by Virginia's 5.9 today. I paused, waited it out in a doorway, then continued working out*. Apparently the rest of the East Coast freaked out and evacuated. What's next, a hurricane? ... oh wait ...

We've lived through earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons, wildfires, mud slides, blizzards, and floods...I'm beginning to think our presence may be more than a mere coincidence. Take note, Philippines!

Random Shit

A: What butts made of?
Me: Um, butts are made up of butts. What kind of question is that?
A: Butts have more butts in dem?
J: No, dummy, butts are made of poop.
Me: Seriously? Is your butt made of poop? Butts are made up of flesh. Poop comes from digesting the food you eat.
A: *horrified* Poop in you tummy??
Me: No, food goes into your tummy, which digests it and then pushes the waste down into your intestines, which eventually comes out of your butt as poop.
A: *ponders this for a bit* ...what peepee made of?
Me: I cannot believe I am having this conversation. Oh wait, this is the same little boy who told the UPS man that he eats farts. Never mind.

*One of the little known benefits of gap days at FSI - you can sleep in and work out at 1pm and still get all your work done from home!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Year of Pu

Pun intended.

Another year older, another year wiser. Well, another year older anyway. I had an awesome birthday this year. I read some trite, sentimental article in one of those parenting magazines and have since been collecting original artwork from the progeny as gifts on my special days. Soon I will have enough glitter and foam stickers to build my own rotating statue. Suck on that, Turkmenistan!

From the husband I received a day off from Mommy duties, a fabulous dinner date at Tallula, and some Bills gear to kick off the season right! But, I have to say, that this year's best gift award goes to my lil' sis and her hubby who gifted us with a new niece:

I'm still not sure if they're planning to ship her by Fed Ex or UPS. Either way, welcome to the world Lia Agnes! You have already started inconveniencing your parents by spoiling well laid birth plans. This bodes well for you. If you should need further assistance in how to become even more of a PITA, I have 3 children who would be happy to share some tips and advice. It may be a few years before you are old enough to crawl on the floor of a grocery store, but you should try it. Nothing will gross out your mother more than crawling on your belly on the floor of a store that sells raw meat and seafood. Then run into people you don't know and shout, "Now you dead! I make you a zombie! Go eat braiiiiiins!" This is just one suggestion. Congratulations A&R; welcome to parenthood!! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Checkin' In

Just a brief post to say I'm still here! ConGen is progressing nicely (we graduate next Monday!). We've made it through Passport & Nationality, Immigrant Visas (IV), and Non-immigrant Visas (NIV), and now we are working our way through American Citizen Services (ACS). The work is incredibly diverse and interesting. I have studied everything from how to detect fraudulent documents and micro expressions to interviewing techniques. Today, for example, we role played death notifications. Not exactly light subject material but, unfortunately, a reality of our job. I continue to hear wonderful things about Manila through the grapevine and it just feeds the fire of our excitement, in spite of the fact that we won't be leaving for almost a whole year!

In other news the kids are mostly settled for school. Yesterday J went in for her reading placement test (all 1st graders must do this), and today I took C in to meet with her 7th grade school counselor who helped her pick out her schedule for the year. she'll need to come back next week for a math placement test (a reading comprehension assessment will be done for all students at the same time after the start of the school year). At her last school she took advanced math, which doesn't fit in nicely with any of the offered categories here in FC (i.e. algebra or geometry), so this test will help us figure out where she needs to be. She will also be taking chorus in place of band (I'm tired of fighting over it), continuing with Spanish (she would have preferred French, but they don't offer French A for 7th graders), and this is a civics/economics year vs. History. I'm actually okay with that as one of my biggest worries about attending international schools is the lack of U.S. history and government instruction. As for A, after a bit of a head/heart ache over transferring his IEP (no two states are the same, so they were having trouble deciphering his needs) we have been offered the option of having A enroll in the spec ed pre-school option or just taking outside services (which would equate to just 1 hour of speech and 1 hour of language with an ST, and one hour of OT, per week). Unfortunately, FC does not have the option we pursued in FL, which was an all-day, language based program that mixed neuro-typical kids with mild spec needs kids. The school here is only half-day, and it sounds like it is intended for kids with far more severe needs than A, but I am loathe to restrict his services to just a couple of sessions per week. I think we are going to go with the school option for now and see how that goes. We can always pull him from the program if we think it isn't working out.

To wrap up this quick update, T&V went back to Texas last weekend (back down to 3!)and I finished my last class of the semester with a killer final. Once ConGen ends it will be a little bit of a break for me while I take a few onesie, twosie classes before I launch into language training on 6 Sep, coincidentally the same day the kids start school.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Family Traditions

Okay, so there's no time to blog about how ConGen is progressing (quickly!), or how my MS is going (slowly & painfully!), or how the summer is flying by. But, there is always time to write about one thing: Shaaaawk Weeeeeek!!!!!!! This has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember (or at least for the last couple of years). Every summer Discovery Channel has shark week in July, and every summer we watch it with the kids and reminisce about all of the shark infested beaches we have been to/lived near.*

In other family tradition news, I just have to gloat for a minute. You may not recall my previous posts on the great list debate, but AinA sent out what I consider the final word on the matter in an e-mail earlier. So, in the spirit of gift giving: in yo face, sistahs!!!

*Fun fact: Florida has the world's most dangerous shark-filled waters in the entire world, yay! :)