Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And How Was Your Day?

Stop hitting your brother;
don't push him down, either
Stop kicking him in the face!
Stop kicking him in the face!
Stop kicking him in the face!
Alex, stop putting the cat in your mouth. We do not eat live creatures!
No, don't try to chew on him either.
C, stop messing around with the cat and do your chores...
C to cat, "Mommy says I have to stop playing with you," five seconds pass, "I love you, kitty. Come play with me."

And how was your day?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hubs Says Must Post

Works is crazy ya'lls. Sorry for not much posting (hmm, I sense a theme here) or commenting on other blogs. I work long hours, have three children and a poopin cat. Pity me! ;) The weekend was really nice though. It was 80 degrees and breezy, so we spent the whole weekend outside with the kids. I am super tan, yay :) Also, the Lakers just clinched the #1 spot in the West, and Hubs will seriously not shut up about it. Evidently the Dodgers are taking the Sabres spot in the shittin' it up department, and the Bills new schedule came out. We are hoping to go to two games this year, one in Denver and one in Arizona.

Hubs has finally found someone for his guitar fix. We are going to see Stephen Marley in a couple of weeks at the Sunshine Theater. I am going to join a soccer team in June (I was told that the league is "just for fun" so hopefully they won't care that I haven't played soccer in 15 years). And the kids are all nuts (A has 6 teeth!).

So, since I probably won't post again for another month or so ;) I am thinking of all of you, wondering what AinA really thought of China, if MR is still belly dancing or if she's just not posting about it as of late, how the de-Is are enjoying their cruise, if Susanne is ready to kill everyone who comments on how preggo she is (SO annoying!), if Laura is still swimming, how RM is enjoying Colorado, and what the BCD girls are cooking tonight...the list goes on!

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Cat Named ?

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in forever. Just to give you an update, Alex is sick with a flu-like virus that includes a shitty diaper full of diarhea every ten minutes (& the diaper rash to go with it), J is a maniac who needs to have my constant attention or else she will go into meltdown mode, C is doing much better with her school work (she's going to be tested for the gifted program & I hope that being challenged in class will help her pay attention more!), Hubs decided we didn't have enough children to take care of so he got us a kitten that the kids are incredibly enamored with, and in the last ten minutes alone I have shouted:
- Do not pick up the cat by its head!
- Who pooped?!
- The cat does not need to have its nose picked!
- Who pooped?!
- Don't touch that! Don't touch that! Don't touch that! (each iteration getting a little higher in pitch)
- Seriously, who pooped?!

So, that's my life right now in a nutshell. Hope you all are weathering the spring madness with equal calm ;)