Monday, August 09, 2010

Updates, Updates

I meant to link the butterfly experiment in my last post, sorry about that!

Life continues to be incredibly busy. I worked my reserve weekend this past weekend, and now it is already our last full week with the s-kids. School starts in just two weeks, and we've still got all the school shopping left to do, plus family pictures (we haven't done one since before I was pregnant with A, so I figure we're due!).

To tide you over until I can find the time to post again, here's some pics from our Disney trip last week (kids loved it, hotter than hell, sooo many people - there's our vacation in a nutshell, lol)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Catching Up

I realized that in addition to not posting any updates, I also haven't posted any pictures. So here' some recent pics from T&J's combined b-day party (ice skating party in FL in July? Makes perfect sense to me!) and a couple from the great butterfly experiment, which was a big hit with all the kids (not just the girls).

Shark Week is this week, so if you've got the cable the kids highly recommend tuning in for this defining week (we watch it every year!). Next week we'll be at Disney, so I expect I'll have lots of pics to post following that.