Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Musings

All day long I notice little things that would be great topics for blog posts and, then...well, apparently I don't blog about them! I did want to mention that I had an okay trip up to the Springs. Some positives: I got to see my awesome friend, L, who took care of A for me while I was working my UTA weekend (you can see her musings on the ordeal here ;), we had a mini-Det 910 reunion where I got to catch up with some old friends, I went to a great conference on space intel (one of the first I've been to that I actually thought was worth my time, plus I saw my old bosses from SMC and from Misawa) didn't rain too much. The negatives: billeting totally screwed up my reservations resulting in a lot of pain and my Sq/CC actually having to physically go down to billeting to demand that they honor my reservation so A and I could have a place to stay, we had a big visitor come through that got dumped in our laps at the last minute due to someone else's incompetence and then said person tried to make it look lie it was all our fault! (eventually got straightened out but very stressful when you are new to the unit!), I had A with me in the same room the whole time (I had originally reserved TLF so we could have separate rooms but obviously that didn't work out as expected), which is not really that fun when your 1 year-old snores!, I missed the first 2 Bills games (4 and freaking 0, baby! I can't wait to go see the game in Glendale next weekend!!!), and then I came home to find that my project had undergone some major changes while I was away that I didn't totally agree with but couldn't do anything about since it had already been briefed at the next level. Grrrrr!

Something awesome I would like to note: I attended a change of command for one of our squadrons while I was there and I couldn't help but notice that the minority CC was handing over to another minority CC (a Vietnamese immigrant whose family fled from Saigon and who waxed eloquent about what it meant to him to serve the United States). Additionally, the conference I attended had 3 full bird Cols in attendence...all 3 were women. How freaking awesome is that! (for you non-mil types, Col is just below General so it is a way big deal) Where else do you se such diversity (no where but the mother fuckin' AF, people, that's where!)

Tv Musings

"If there's something wrong with me, then society made me this way." - *sigh* Oh, The I have missed you.

Tyra, Tyra, Tyra. I watch America's Next Top Model to escape from my life, not to be given a lecture on who to vote for. Besides, do we really want the target audience for a CW show taht promotes curly, red hair as "edgy"to vote for our next president???

My DVR bumped off all the Project Runway episodes I missed while in CO, WTF happened to Kenley? Why is she such an incredible bitch now? In other news, go Jerell!

I learned over the course of watching House reruns every night at the hotel that I freaking love House...also, I should really go to the doctor more often becuase now I am totally paranoid.

In Other News...

I have decided that I'm tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy with what I see. So I've decided to just accept myself as I am...ha ha ha ha! Really got you there, didn't I? No, don't be silly, I could never manage that, so instead I am going to attempt to try to stick to a new workout/diet plan called P90X (google Beachbody if you're curious). I actually bought this system a few years ago before J was born and had great results, but it is hard to stick with because I get really bored with the workouts (oh, and I fucking love chocolate). However, I have come to the conclusion that I'm not unhappy with my weight, I just unhappy with my shape. I want a tighter tummy and thinner thighs, but I don't really want to lose any more weight. After seeing some of the results other moms got (I belong to a video fitness website...yes, I know, I am a huge dork), I figured maybe I have been training all wrong for the kind of body I want. I guess we'll see what happens!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You Know It's Fall When...

You can put all the kids to work and they think it's fun! ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wicked Rad

Yes, the Bills are 2-0 and the stinkin' lousy Raiders are coming to town (sorry oneballers).. Lisa will be back from Colorado Springs on Thursday afternoon..very jazzed!! The girls and I drove up last weekend to pay her and the baby boy a visit... if you were wondering...the dame is doing f-i-n-e.

Peace guys.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Outta Here

I'm off to sunny CO Springs for two weeks tomorrow. This time I'm taking A with me so that Hubs will only have to deal with two little childrens while I'm gone. The AF is making it extra easy by making me come to billeting for 3 days, then go to a hotel for 3 days, and then return to billeting for the remainder of my time there. So, yay for that! See you all when I get back!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pu on Politics

I know what ya'll are thinking "Ooooooh, Pu's doing a political post. This should be rich!" Well, I can't guarantee that, but you should read this anyone because I am very curious as to what you all think. There's been a lot of talk about Sarah Palin and her children, and, as a working mom with an unusual job, I am very interested in what people are saying about her. Specifically, I find it fascinating to think that the fact that she has a pregnant teen daughter somehow makes her a bad candidate* As a former teen hellion, I would hate to think that my troubled childhood reflected poorly on my wonderful parents who did their very best to keep me under control, and I happened to turn out pretty durn well in the end (if I do say so myself ;) Even worse, all the talk on the radio this morning was about how she has a 4 month old daughter at home and how could she possibly campaign and then have a 24/7 type of job and still raise her infant? Oh yes, god forbid a woman with a baby try to take on a powerful job that is quite time consuming. I guess it's fine for all those women who serve on active duty and might be separated from their children for months/years at a time. Their children are probably totally fucked up because someone else is raising them** What shocks me the most is that these are Democrats making these horrible 50's-era arguments that she is somehow a bad mother because, again, god forbid she choose to follow her career aspirations. Believe it or not, moms do have a life outside the home (though it might not seem like it sometimes). Whatever path you choose (working mom or SAHM), I find it truly appalling that women just don't know how to support each other. Because, I have to tell you, all of the people calling in to complain about how Sarah Palin shouldn't be running for office and/or is a bad mother, were women! How sad is that? I guess all this time I've just been fucking up my kids and being a poor parent since I choose to work in a field where I am on call 24/7. Here I always thought that I was setting a good example for my kids about how they should follow ther dreams and find that one thing in life that they are passionate about, but apparently I am stuck in the 70's.

Also, I have to comment on how sad it is that poor Sarah Palin's daughter *** is being dragged through the mud on TMZ and Perez Hilton when, ya know, there's still real topics up for debate like, say, the economy that is going in the toilet or the fact that there's still a war going on! Oh, and the Soviet Union, excuse me, Russia has invaded Georgia**** and the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons. Ya know, shit like that. But, I guess, a pregnant teen is way more important a topic for us to be discussing rather than the state of world affairs and what the U.S.'s role should be. That shit is just way to hard to think about, and pregnant teens are so much more interesting. Seriously, ya'll, double-u tee eff!!!!??? Am I the only person who finds this entire scandal to be, well, not that scandalous? And should Democratic women be out in force to support Sarah Palin (even if she is a gun-toting member of the NRA) and her workin' mama ways? Should the American public care about foreign affairs or has the question of the economy consumed all other points of debate even though the price of oil is tied to the situation in the Middle East, the situation in Russia/Georgia, and Russian support to Venezuela. Oh, you didn't know that Russia and Iran supply Venezuela with weapons and economic support? Congratulations, you've just joined 99% of the American public in your understanding of foreign affairs. Whew, sorry about that. I guess I got off on a rant there ;)

Personally, I guess because I'm confronted day-in and day-out with the realities of foreign doings, I have become much more of a realist when it comes to international relations. No matter how many times you invite the North Koreans to tea and crumpets, they're still going to talk behind your back and spread rumors that you're a whore, so why give them the satisfaction. You can talk to Iran 'til you're blue in the face and they're still not going to be able to separate us from Israel. They think Israel is our Hizballah for god's sake! The liklihood that they're going to have serious nuclear talks with us is a joke. They're going to act just like the North Koreans, i.e. we'll tell you what you want to hear and then go do what the hell we want anyway because, and I know this is hard to believe, they're going to do whatever is in their best interest...not ours! And, though I choke to say this as a confirmed liberated woman, but my experiences over the last 13 years in my field is that all states act in a manner that is most beneficial to them. So maybe we should stop acting all holier than thou and just admit that we don't ever do anything that isn't in our best interest either. Everybody hates a hypocrite.

Anyway, that's enough politics for now. Maybe I've just become to cynical, or maybe I'm just PMSing. Discuss! ;)

* Please note that Pu's Corner does not endorse political candidates of either party

**Please, please, please note the sarcasm here

***yes, I know, she put her family in the limelight by running for office, but that poor girl did not ask for all this attention, especially when Jamie Lynn Spears is practically being deified for chosing to keep her baby

****To which the EU's response was to say, "Hey, Russia, please don't do that...oh, and don't stop exporting oil to us either. 'Cause, ya know, we need that shit." Way to go EU! No wonder no one gives a shit about Europe...sorry AinA ;)