Sunday, July 25, 2010

Long Time No Write

Wow, I did not realize it had been so long since I wrote a blog post. In all fairness, I was startin to feel a little sorry for myself, so I took the last couple of months to mope around and be depressed and now I feel like I've figured out some things to get myself back on a good path. Anyway, thing around here are pretty much par of the course. Work is continuing to be a massive pain in my ass. As I contractor I work just as much overtime as I did when I was active duty, how depressing!

We are up to five kids again. I hired a part-time nanny to help Hubs out with the kids this summer since he is still working from home & going to school full-time. It has been a life saver to get him 4 uninterrupted hours a day. The kids have had a blast this summer. We hit the beach every weekend, and we've done lots of interesting trip. This weekend we celebrated J and T's birthdays together at the ice rink. We had Hubs' family and some of J's friends from school along with our whole crew. They did the whole cake and pizza thing, and then we got a 1/2hr lesson for the kids. Not one of the except C had ever been on ice skate before, and you can only imagine what A was like; he couldn't keep his feet under him! They had a fantastic time, though. I think they all enjoyed it so much, we might go back and just do an open skate before the kids leave. Hubs, of course, is now making plans for how our 3-yr old son is going to be a professional hockey player.

Oh, I won an award at work. I would guess it equates to something like employee of the quarter. Anyway, it comes with $1500 to spend on the vacation of your choice. So, we're taking everyone to Disney. With the military deal they have going right now, we were able to get 6 tickets (A won't need one) for $600 with no tax that will allow us single-day access to each of the parks (no park hopper). With hotel and food, it should still come out under $1500 (I hope!), although we did schedule a breakfast with the Disney Princesses for the girls (Hubs asked to take them, which I thought was very sweet, and I think he might have a bit of a crush on Ariel).

I guess that's it to get the ball rolling again. Promise I'll try not to neglect my blog for so long again!