Saturday, February 18, 2006

We Got Orders!

Hooray! We finally got our orders (I've only been calling down to MPF every day for the last two weeks, but at least we've got them!). Now we can actually start making arrangements to leave Japan and get a move on :) I'm going to Seattle this weekend for my girl Susanne's wedding (me & Jocelyn on a 16hr odyssey, should be interesting!) then we'll have about a week after I get back and Tim leaves for Texas (he's going to visit his kids and pick up our new Lincoln Navigator!!). We'll be apart for almost a month, wah! I'll have the girls here with me so Caitlyn can stay in school, then we'll join him in Buffalo on the 3rd of April. We've got another wedding to attend on the 8th of April, so we're going to make a quick trip to Colorado from Buffalo (just me & Tim, no kids!!!), and then get started on our long-ass drive from Buffalo to LA. We plan to make a quick stop in Chicago to see my sis and her fam (we just missed Lexi, who is now an ex-pat herself since she just moved to Amsterdam) and then we'll stay a few days with my parents in Abluquerque before finally winding up in LA. I probably won't post much during this time since we're going to be so busy with the move and then in transit for so long, but, rest assured, we love you all and are excited to be coming back to the same continent where our lved ones are located!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I got plastic surgery to look like a monkey because thats how I do

?? Don't ask why ??
Pick the month that you were born in....
1----I fell in love with
2----I choked on
3----Today i murdered
4----I dance with
5----I had sex with
6----I glued myself to
7----I slipped on
8----I got plastic surgery to look like
9----I had a fight with
10----I ate a
11---I threw shit at
12---I slapped
Pick the day (number) you were born on
1-3-------A Homeless guy
4-6-------A hot dog
7-9-------Paris Hilton
10-12----A pickle because
13-14-----This bomb ass girl
15-18---A gangstar
19-24---- A monkey
25-27----This guy
28-31----A condom
pick the color of shirt you are wearing
White----Because my psychiatrist said to
Black----Because I was high
Pink-----Because Im dying tomorrow
Red-----Because i have Aids
Blue----Because i'm horny
Green----because i hate myself
Purple----because thats how i do
no Shirt-----Because i was drunk
Other-----because thats how i do

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Winter Wonderland

It has snowed an average of 8-12 inches a day
since the beginning of February, not fun!!