Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's True

I've received my Insanity: Asylum!! And I've already started my rotation. What can I say? I'm a sucker for super crazy Beachbody products.

Oh, and, yes, it’s also true that I’ve received an invite to the May 23rd A-100 class to start my journey as a Foreign Service Officer!!!! We are beyond thrilled and excited and just a wee bit nervous about this total career change. To answer a few common questions up front:

  • We will be leaving FL on 18 May to drive to Arlington, VA where my initial training will be held
  • I have no idea how long we will be there, but it will likely be somewhere between 3-12 months depending on what post we get sent to
  • No, I don’t know where we’re going yet. I get what’s called a bid list (a list of available posts for Junior Officers with varying locations, training times, and start dates) sometime near the end of the 1st week of class, and we’ll find out where we’ll be posted sometime around the 5th week of class. So we should know where we’re going and when we have to be there sometime in July.
  • No I won’t be able to make it to the family reunion now :( Unfortunately they don’t allow leave for any reason (short of devastating illness, etc.) during A-100, which is about 6 weeks long.
  • We will be living in State Dept contracted housing for the duration of our stay in VA, which means cramming our family of 7 into a 3-bedroom apartment. Yes, we’re going to be “that” family, lol!

It’s all happening very quickly, and there is a lot to get done, so I’ll try to keep the blog updated as much as I can (not that I do now anyway, ha!), but try to be understanding if it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. We’re still here! :)

Monday, April 04, 2011

One Clearance Down, Two to Go

Got word today that my State Dept security clearance was granted on 3/21. Now I am just waiting on medical and the final suitability review. I suppose in light of the federal budget craziness all this waiting might actually be a good thing. After all, they can't hire me if there isn't any money, lol!

Conversation with J

Me: What did you do in school today?

J: Adriana and Emma and me played the cheetah game.

Me: What’s that?

J: *gives the ‘duh, Mom’ look* We pretend to be cheetahs.

Me: And what do cheetahs do?

J: We chase boys...then we catch them.

Me: And then what do you do?

J: *evil grin* We eat them.

Me: Well, I suppose that’s what cheetahs do.

J: Yeah, then they run away again. *evil giggle* But then we catch them and eat them again.

Me: Well, what about the girls?

J: No, girls don’t taste good.