Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Year of Me

Ha ha, no I won't force you all to look at pictures of me over the last year. My birthday is actully tomorrow, but since we have plans all day, I thought I would post now. Tim got tickets for us to see Dirty Rotten Sccoundrals at a downtown Hollywood theater (he wouldn't tell me which one) and then we are going to a famous, fancy restaurant for dinner, all sans children!! Can you tell I am excited!! I haven't been to the theater since Laura and I saw the Producers way back in college, and I was totally shocked that Tim would agree to go to the theater at all with me, much less actually buy the tickets and surprise me. Plus I get a Cold Stone ice cream cake (mmmm ice cream)! But the best gift came last night when Jocelyn took her very first steps!! It was close to bedtime, so she was not thrilled with the fact that we kept trying to get her to do it again and again, but she most definately took a few steps on her own. She is really becoming a little toddler now...wah! now I want another baby :(