Monday, April 05, 2010

Weekend Round-up?

What the hey? A weekend round-up? We never do those around here. Alright, so I realize I've been all doomy and gloomy recently (wah I have to get a root canal, wah I have no iron in my blood, wah my job sucks, etc. etc.). And I've realized something from all this, an epiphany if you one wants to comment on your posts when all you do is whine! So take that nugget of wisdom for what it's worth, lol ;) So we're taking things in a new direction. Da Hubs and I have been doing a bit of talking and a bit of planning, and I am hoping that this will help me focus on future goals and not get so aught up in the crapiness of the now. Plus, it's like 82 degrees out (we went from straight Winter to 1 week of Spring, to full-blown Summer, yay!) and we spent all weekend at the beach. Who can be pissy about that!

We had a lovely Easter. The Easter Bunny once again outsmarted herself by failing to count the number of eggs put out, but I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually :) Much candy was eaten, much energy was expelled by randomly running around in circles and shrieking. Oh, and we gave some to the kids, too. All in all, about what one can expect from a successful Easter in a non-Christian household.

In other news, A has a humungo appointment coming up on Wednesday to get tested for FIDLRS. This is the The Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System, which is basically the Early Steps for age 3 and up. This appointment is so they can test him to see where he falls on the development spectrum now and will basically affect the rest of his life...or something not quite so dramatic. Not sure yet. Anyway, our level of support from the state will be based on the outcome of their assessment, so it is pretty important. Our ST is coming over tonight (instead of during the day like usual) so she can prep me for what to expect. This will also mark of the start of our venture into IEPs, which are extremely important for parents to understand so they can properly advocate for their kids. To say I'm nervous would be putting it mildly.

In not so big news, da Hubs is working on becoming a regular Betty Crocker. Or at least one with a clean eating bent. He successfully tackled the Fitnessista's Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili (we added pork tenderloin to the mix because, well, I love meat), and it turned out to be really, really delicious. I knew it had to be good because it was made with sweet potatoes (and you all know how I feel about them - I heart u sweet potato!!) and black beans (never been a huge fan of beans in general, but I have come to discover that I lurve black beans). So, so yummy. And so, so nice to come home to a completely prepared meal without my having to lift one finger!